Pull My Tongue is a fun and testing puzzle game with regards to Greg – an eager chameleon who is wanting popcorn at the present time. You can think about what your main goal, right? It's to assist Greg with getting popcorn to fill his gut. Greg has an extensible tongue, then, at that point, you can pull his tongue as long as you can when our chameleon gets the popcorn. 


There are 5 universes to investigate and every world comprises of a few levels. You need to get enough stars to open the new world. So how to gather stars? Stars will be your in case Greg's intense contacts them when it's pulled to get the popcorn. You simply need to gather just popcorn to complete a level without gather any stars. Be that as it may, assuming you need to open the new world and continue to settle the riddles, you should make an honest effort to get whatever number stars as could be expected under the circumstances. 

Without stars, you can't enter the new universes. To gather stars, you need to pull the tongue and fix it with the items around, so you can take it where you need. You should utilize those things. Pull the tongue around the pins and you think that it is a lot simpler to gather stars. While making a decent attempt to arrive at your objective, ensure you stay away from certain perils that make Greg's tongue get harmed like critics, spikes, etc. In the event that his tongue contacts these deterrents, you need to restart that level. Assist Greg with getting his beloved treat and partake all the while. 

The most effective method to play: 

Utilize your mouse to pull the tongue.

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